The Intrepids

The Case of the TBD, Chapter 4

Clara and Rex assess the airship for damage. It’s severe, but flyable. Rex suggests that since the gas bags aren’t damaged, we really need to replace the outer coverings of the airship. He suggests checking out the local fishing village for sail cloth. Rex and Molly (as translator) head off to the south where there seemed to be a small fishing village.

Clara is going to repair the cockpit, using parts from the air pirate queen’s airplane as necessary. Alex is going to watch over the captured pirate queen, and interrogate her when she wakes up.

Rex and Molly walk to the village. There are little kids playing, old ladies mending nets, and a couple of old men drinking coffee on the steps of the “general store.” They look at the two and are utterly nonplussed. Rex and Molly nod to the old men as they go inside the store. The pre-electric store seems to have lots of sundries, and an overweight proprietor with a huge mustache of which he is very proud. He immediately begins negotiations at “Ten Thousand American Dollars in cash.”

Molly and Rex make some non-committal sounds and gestures and the owner immediately lowers the price to $9200. Eventually Rex asks what they’re negotiating over and the owner admits he was negotiating for whatever it is they wanted.

When they actually begin to negotiate for sail cloth, canvas, netting, and rope, he continues explaining that the price that Rex & Molly offers will force his family to eat without food for two weeks.

Eventually a price is agreed upon ($700 American. Cash.) And the owner throws in delivery for free since we let him “practice his English.”

Meanwhile, back at the Icarus…

Alex learned that the Air Pirate Queen named is Esmeralda, because as it turns out that she and the Lark have a past. Alex eventually helps her sit up and possibly loses her watch in the process.

Clara has the cockpit put back together and is confident that she can fly both vessels. Rex and Molly eventually return with a boatload of supplies and everyone takes shifts repairing the outer hull.

As Alex is checking Esmeralda’s bonds after takeoff, she realizes the pirate has stolen her watch and earrings. Alex takes back the jewelry and tightens Esmeralda’s bonds.

As they arrive at the air field Clara’s friend Sabiah Gokcen, the estranged daughter of the ruler, is passing through, and stops to talk. Clara sees Mr. Nor is looking shocked, so calls him over and introduces him. Sabiah is in a hurry, so gives Clara her card and tells her to stop by later.

While Alex continues to debate what to do with the Esmeralda, Clara questions the Lark on the nature of their relationship and whether or not she’s trustworthy. The Lark is non-committal in terms of his comments and makes the comparisons to Jack (in terms of how you can threaten, cajole, or coax him).

Alex: “Do you know any kidnappers?”

Esmeralda: “Yeah, I could find someone to kidnap someone for you then…”

Alex: “No we want to find someone who was kidnapped…”

There is further discussion. But Esmeralda has a condition that she work with the Lark to get the info they need. The Lark is very reluctant, but eventually gives in because Alex used the “it’s for Jack” argument. The Lark cuts Esmeralda free, but does not put the knife away.

Alex: “So we have a deal, right?”

Esmeralda: >smiles< “I will find your evildoers for you.”

[move encounter with woman on tarmac to here]

The Lark and Esmeralda take off and will leave messages for us at the Istanbul Century Club.

We get rooms at the Pera Palace Hotel. And then head to the Century Club’s Istanbul location. It’s a very exotic locale, with a courtyard, fountain, and two, large non-scimitar-wielding guards outside. A concierge (who sounds not unlike Peter Lorre) offers coffee and will get someone to tend to their needs (we want to put something in the safe).

Turkish coffee fun ensues.

The concierge returns and says that Mr. Yilmez will see us. “Ah, our American friends… how can we help you?” (He looks like Omar Sharif.)

We put the bag in the vault and get our own little key.

We head off to the Nur residence, by walking there. We’re not followed and we’re certain no one is watching the house. WE go inside. There are clear signs of a struggle and some spots of blood on the carpet. Alex does her psychometric trick with a candle stick and sees the struggle from Mrs. Nur’s POV with three guys coming for her and several more taking her children. No major other clues other than people must have seen something.

We decide to get some dinner and then go back to the hotel. But on the way back a truck pulls up and eight guys jump out with veils and the intent to do us harm.