The Intrepids

Revenge of the Tarp

Alex goes to look at the motorcycle, and touches it. She feels a ride, from the perspective of the cycle, and then experiences a rapid trip through a big city approaching the warehouse where we discovered the kidnappers. Rex
feels very attached to the motorcycle, and decides to take it.
We arrive in the camel town, and the guide picks out a suitable set of camels. He introduces us to a wildly bearded, 6 foot tall, missing his right hand, and most of his teeth guide named Recap. Although Molly rides with great grace the rest of the team is quite sore and unhappy by the time we make camp that night.
Alex takes first watch. She hears 6 men and equipment trying to be stealthy. She returns to camp and wakes everyone. As the others are getting up, an arrow comes flying in to camp and grazes her shoulder before landing in the fire. Clara turns and shoots in the direction of the arrow, and hits someone. Molly shoots as well, and hears a scream and thud. Alex throws a flaming stick at the sounds and almost hits a camel. Lark vanishes in to the shadows and makes for the invaders. A second arrows comes flying in to camp and hits Clara in her left arm, while two men in black rush into camp and one clips Molly’s right arm with his sword. Rex swings but misses, as Recap screams and run at the other invader. Rama douses the fire,
Clara shoots in to the darkness as Molly shoots her attacker and Alex punches hers. Lark stabs one of the archers, and the invaders seem to be surprised at the resistance and fall back. Rex kicks one of the attackers in the head but the invader grabs Rex’s foot and Rex is brought to the ground. Recap pokes the other invader with his stump. Rama tries “camel whispering” to calm the frightened camels. Molly fires at the invader near her and she shoots him dead. Alex tries to kick the other invader in the head and misses. Lark takes a swing and a miss at the archer. Another arrow flies in and misses Molly. Clara shoots at the invader on the ground who slipped in camel dung. She hits him in the hip and won’t be getting up. Rex grabs the invader’s head and beats him senseless against some rocks. Lark yells, “Hey, come back here” as the two archers run away.
Rex provides first aid as Rama restarts the fire. Molly questions them and realizes they are common bandits. The one that Clara shot dies in the night, so the team tells the remaining bandit to bury his companions and leave him.
The land starts to get weird, with strange shapes in the rocks, and wind making strange sounds in the rocks. Alex feels strange power growing around them. The camels keep trying to turn around, and we are surrounded by dust devils. Recap points out a large group of camel tracks in front of us.
Shortly after Recap starts cursing, and we see a body of a man completely desiccated and cut open. We see several more lumps off in the distance. As Alex moves forward to touch it, the corpse sits up and scrambles up and pulls a scimitar. As he approaches Alex a purplish glow comes from its eye sockets. It strikes Alex and swings at Molly. Clara tries to shoot it, but the bullet passes harmlessly through. Molly also shoots at it. Alex grabs a shovel and hots the corpse in the head, its lights dim for a moment then it returns.
Clara tries to grab a tarp to tangle up the zombie but gets herself tangled, and when Molly tries to help she also gets tangled. Alex is so confused she also gets tangled as the camel runs around in circles. Lark sneaks up and stabs the corpse in the back with no result. The women finally get disentangled, and Alex hits it with the shovel.
Clara abandons the tarp in favor of a stick on fire. Molly tangles the corpse in the tarp, and it becomes totally tangled.
Rex pulls himself together enough to shoot at the corpse, as Clara darts forward and sets the tarp aflame. Molly grabs a pickax and whacks the corpse in the head. It starts flailing around. Alex smacks the corpse head with her shovel, as Rex shoots, to no apparent effect.
The tarp bursts into flames, and after a pause the flaming skeleton steps forward.
Clara scoops up a sword and brandishes her flaming stick and charges forward to chop off the corpse head. The head breaks apart and the skeleton staggers. Molly steps forward and chops off an arm with her pickax. After a pause Alex chops off the other arm. The torso and legs keep staggering around. Lark says ‘I think I figured this out’ and pokes the skeleton and pops the purple bubble and the bones fall to the ground.