The Intrepids

Case of the TBD, Chapter 7

Escape from the Jafar's Palace

Clara takes the key ring from one of the (recently over-powered) guards and opens the door they were guarding. She then enters the room and promptly gets conked over the head with a vase. It turns out the “conk-er” was Mrs. Nur, who is in the room with her two children.

“Mrs. Nur, I presume…” Clara rubs her head slightly, “Your husband sends his regards.”

“Oh, at last!” she says slumping slightly against the wall as the adrenaline rush leaves her, “But I fear we don’t have much time…” She explains that Jafar comes to “visit” with her every day at about this time.

Thud, thud, thud. We knock out the guards and shove them in the first room. We then rush to the second room and lock the door behind us. We hear from the hallway the muffled sounds of the door being opened and then cursing in Turkish. Then shoving and more cursing in Turkish. Then the voice of Jafar, “Find. Them. Now.”

The Guard Captain (?) instructs the guards to “start with this hallway and fan out from there.” In a few moments there are sounds outside our door. The key is inserted into the lock. Rex uses his famed Inertia Induction Electro-Spanner to jam the lock shut of overclicking the tumblers. More Turkish cursing. Then the sound of a shoulder battering against the door. Looking out on the balcony a daring plan for escape is made (involving improvised rope and some curtain hardware for a pulley to make a sort of zipline).

Three hulking brutes burst into the room! Wielding scimitars with deadly efficiency, these fearsome elite guards set upon our heroes. Clara starts shooting. Followed by Molly. Alex picks up a vase and smashes it into a wall (instead of the guard). One of the guards go down. The guards attack with their scimitars. Clara’s jacket sleeve gets sliced open.

More shooting from Clara and Molly. This time Alex smashes a candelabra (into the wall… she really dislikes the wall!) More scimitar action. The battle continues while Rex works frantically to create a zipline and pulley system. Finishing his work, Rex tags out with Clara who picks up one of the children and run across to use the zipline. After some additional struggle, we take out the remaining two guards. As things get quiet that’s when we notice the chanting coming from down the hall (the room next door).

Molly goes over next and taking the second of the children. Green mist starts pouring into the room. Then Mrs. Nur goes over. The mist is resolving itself into a man-like shape. Rex turns on the ceiling fan. Then Alex goes over. The mist-man steps further from the fan. Rex goes and unties the rope and swings across.

The new room is disused and dusty and filled with women garments. Alex looks in the mirror and suddenly takes on the personality of Madame Jafar and takes a brief trip into fantasy-land.

Some vague back-and-forth involving looking for jewelry and going to dinner with Jafar and Alex changing clothes, and talking with her in different voices culminating in Mrs. Nur slapping Alex and returning her to her senses. Alex knows how to get us out of the palace safely and does so. Then we drive back to the hotel. Some arrangements are made so that the XXXXX the Airpirate from earlier could transport the Nur family to a nearby Century Club chapter house and onward to whatever safe port they desire.

Meanwhile, the Lark (who has rejoined the group during the escape tunnel) is reviewing his ill-gotten gains (i.e., stuff he stole from Jafar’s house). Alex notices that one of the daggers glows to her eyes and asks to look at it. Lark tosses it to her and she gets a vision of it being forged. She decides to keep it, but lets him keep the sheath. Molly looks at it, but sees nothing special.

We retrieve the artifacts from the safe at the Century Club and decide to take them back to hotel to see if Alex can get a reading off any of the objects that she hadn’t yet touched. She sits on the bed and clears her mind in preparation to look at the brass rotating cylinder thingy. She holds it in her hands and then it starts to levitate a few inches from her hands. She then has a (1st person) vision of putting the cylinder together and rotating it into a particular position and then setting it in a specific room. Then she has a second half of a vision wherein she sees someone taking the the scroll and then a repeat of a vision from the quartz earlier involving fire and a misspoken incantation.

Back in the present, Alex starts fiddling with the rotating brass cylinder thingy. She clicks them into a couple places and it turns out that the the phrases spell out the word for “fire” in a couple different dialects and then the cylinder thingy pops open to reveal a silk scroll pouch, an egg-shaped ruby, and a couple of knuckle bones (which may or may not be human). The scroll pouch seems to contain a scroll that has the instructions on how to create a bound Djinn (which is unusual in that traditionally, the Djinn must be tricked into binding itself.)

Then Alex tried her vision trick on the heretofore blank parchment, during which she had a vision of a map being drawn on the same. When she opened her eyes, she shows everyone the map (which we can now all see, on the no longer blank parchment).

An expedition is planned to the wilds of the Turkish hills.