The Intrepids

Case of the TBD, Chapter 6

first draft

The Intrepids meet over breakfast and decide their next move. Which is to go full frontal assault on Jafar’s palace. Then Alex goes outside the restaurant to meet with a woman that seems to want her attention — however, she’s the only one who can see her. The woman touches Alex and then Alex collapses (again), but she has the sense that she knows a lot of new information.

Separately, we find that Jafar is one evil and powerful fella. Powerfully Evil. We are advised against confronting him. That, of course, does not dissuade us, even a little bit.

We drive to Jafar’s palace. It’s beautiful, in a totally keep out of here kinda way. The Lark does some reconnaissance. It’s really, really tightly locked down. Two dozen guards and many of them have leopards. Yes, leopards (as opposed to lepers, which is a whole other thing…)

Alex listens for a while and hears water dripping from a drainage pipe down some rocks. We decide to sneak in through the aforementioned drainage pipe. We crawl along until we get to a cistern, the overflow from which has been draining out the pipe. The Lark and Rex boost Alex up to work the lock on the gate over. When partway through her action, The Lark calls for silence and then announces that there is a crocodile.

Crocodile wrestling ensues. Molly is making a lasso from Rex’s rope. The croc snaps at Clara. Rex and Clara both try to secure the croc’s snapping jaws. Alex attempts to jump on as well, but there is no room on team crocodile. Molly attempts to lasso the croc and almost chokes Rex instead. “Not me, the crocodile!” Then The Lark calls out and Rex rolls off and The Lark stabs the croc in its head. Then Clara almost shoots the croc but we all ask her not to spoil the whole stealthy bit we have going on.

Alex attempts to stab the croc but misses. Molly tries to lasso it again, and succeeds in getting the lariat around the jaws. Rex hits the knife further in and succeeds in doing so. The Lark attempts to get another knife in there, but misses. Clara then shoots the croc, killing it, and making a tremendous noise.

Back to where we were. We need to climb the remaining the eight feet of the the cistern. Clara makes a grappling hook out of the knives, more knives, someone’s belt, and some rubber cement, and gaffers tape.

Rex throws the hook and… misses. The Intrepids regroup and Alex tells him what to aim for, Clara helps steady him, and Rex tries again and nails it. Everyone climbs up, following The Lark’s lead. We find ourselves in a courtyard.

We skulk over to some cover and look about.

Alex “remembers” that she wants the upstairs stairway. So we sneak upstairs, Alex goes out into the hallway, using her feminine wiles to distract the guards, and everyone else takes them down/prisoner.

To be continued later.