The Intrepids

Case of the TBD

Mummy-Zombies at the Not-So-Abandoned Mine!

We decide to examine the dessicated corpse/mummy-zombie and Rex notices that it contains a couple of organic types stones (like a kidney stone) – like a bezoar. Molly tries shooting one of the bezoars to see what would happen. It shatters and a “sighing” like sound is heard and then the wisp of smoke is taken away by the wind.

We decide to try to shoot out the bezoar on the next mummy-zombie we come to. Molly decides she will take a shot at the bezoar embedded in the chest of the mummy-zombie. She picks it off from a distance. Then thinking that perhaps it might be dead (or not UNdead), Clara decides to chop the head off with a scimitar and in the course of doing so, manages to activate the mummy-zombie, and then Molly shoots out the bezoar in the head. It crumbles into a pile of bones (which Molly insists on burning anyway).

Molly and Clara repeat the shooting process with the next half a dozen or so mummy-zombies. Then we come over a ridge and see a whole lot of guys involved in some sort of excavation of a cave of some sort. We back up and try to take a look at the scene. The Lark volunteers to sneak down and see what he can learn.

While we’re waiting, we hear some people coming up the road. Much discussion and failure of action to find a place to hide or stash camels. It is then decided to set up for an ambush (that won’t work).

The party comes along up the path, we see they are the three guys from the village (the three guys who didn’t know one another) and a small contingent of Turkish mercenaries. They stop and tell us to come out.

Clara steps out, full of bravado and leveling her pistol coolly at them and asking whether they are with or fighting against the men at the cave. They seem confused and then uppity, and refuse to answer questions. More guns are drawn. Then they are undrawn. Then they ride past. Then they hang out for a few minutes, and then they come back to ask us questions.

We all go back to the ridge, and there is more spying and muttering. Molly and Alex each notice that the the equipment seems reminiscent of Baroness Blackheart, while another woman who may be Jack’s nemesis, The Dark Knife.

The Lark returns and tells us what he’s found (approximately 3 or 4 dozen of the couple hundred are armed, obviously). It is still not clear what is being mined.

The professor asks about the mummy-zombies. We explain. He wanders away.

A giant bird shows up and turns into a tall man who is attired in a conservative, yet fashionable European suit. He goes up to the three men and wants to know why they aren’t at work and then they point beyond the ridge and the magic-bird-man looks and mutters a curse and then wants to know why we’re there.

More muttering.

Rex is keeping watch on the valley and notices Jack is being marched across the valley floor (he’s walking funny, but it’s not clear why). Rex tells everyone else and they see Jack marched into the cave. It gets darker still and the floodlights come on and sentries are deployed further out from the encampment. We make a plan to tackle guards and steal their outfits, but before the plan can be implemented, the tribal mercenaries start whooping it up and charge into the valley.

New plan! We’ll use the distraction of the attack to sneak in. The magic-bird-man calls down a lightning strike, but it hits a bush. He redoubles his efforts. The Professor starts drawing out some sort of magical mandala. The Sufi starts spinning, spinning, spinning and goes rushing into the valley like a whirling dervish.

We then begin the sneaking, which goes rather well. We then notice Jafar coming out of the cave just as Baroness Blackheart and The Dark Knife come out of a tent and the three of them walk towards one another. They are focused on the cold monster, which Jafar immediately dispels. We sneak into the mouth of the cave.

We decide to rush out and unplug the lights so we’re able to sneak in the cave without being illuminated. We unplug the lights and we rush back to the cave mouth (which is covered by a tarp…)

We enter the cave and there are two guards there. Clara tries to get them to be quiet by leveling her gun at them and putting her finger to her lips. They opt not to do anything of the sort. Molly shots a guard. The guards attempt to shoot at us (poorly). Alex throws a knife at the guards and misses. Rex punches one of the guards but hits the rifle instead.

Clara fires and shoots the first guard; he drops. Molly shoots again. The guard shoots Molly. Alex picks up the guard’s rifle and shoots at the guard but misses. Rex punches him.

Clara shoots again and drops him. We head further into the cave.

Three men come charging up towards the front and then trip all at once (the work of The Lark). He tells us to “head for the light.”

We get down into a large, circular chamber. It is very smooth and the center contains raised alters. There are incandescent light strung around the perimeter. And the area being “mined” seems to be a pit in the center of the room (surrounded by the four alters). There are two passages out of here, so Clara suggests we split up to cover more ground.

Down the Rex/Molly tunnel, we pause briefly to examine some inscriptions/hieroglyphics in the tunnel. Only the sounds of Jafar’s voice in the larger circular chamber shake Molly out of her revelry. We move forward towards a light source.

Down the Clara/Alex tunnel, Alex rushes on ahead and then falls in a pit. After hearing Jafar’s voice from the circular chamber, Clara decides to jump down into the pit (which has a crawlspace in it) to hide and wait out their pursuers.

Rex and Molly rush into a chamber is that is effectively a gigantic geode. At the center of the room Jack is sitting there tied up and looking dejected. He says, “Don’t do anything sudden.”

“Why?” asks Molly in a sensible way. Jack is sitting on a bomb.