…the United States in the midst of the Great Depression. The Dust Bowl has begun in the Midwest. Around the globe a darkness seems to encroach, the Spectre of War casts a long shadow…

From their New York headquarters, five people stand against the coming darkness! Members of the Century Club, their shared birth-date of January 1st, 1901 marks them as part of an elite fraternity within the club – Centurions – extraordinary individuals for a world entering a period of extraordinary times.

They are:

The DetectiveAlex Petrenko, as brilliant as she is beautiful, her psychometric abilities make her the ultimate sleuth!

The PilotClara Cross, Test Pilot, Engineer, Stunt Driver – if it moves, she can guide it, but you’d best hang on tight!

The ScholarMolly Mercury, gifted Linguist, Walking Library, and Crack Markswoman – if she asks you a question, she’d best like your answer!

The ScientistRex Tesla, inventor, scientist, and master gadgeteer – he uses Science to be the Hero of Tomorrow, Today!

The ThiefJack Incognito, man of many names, numerous faces, and hundreds of capers – he now steals his way to Justice!

Five exceptional individuals… together they are…

The Intrepids!

The Intrepids

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