Clara Cross

Pilot, Driver and Engineer with a heart of gold

  • Superb: Pilot
  • Great: Drive; Engineering
  • Good: Alertness; Guns; Resolve
  • Fair: Athletics; Leadership; Rapport; Resources
  • Average: Endurance; Empathy; Fists; Science; Stealth


  • Danger Sense
  • Defensive Driving
  • Ebb and Flow
  • Ms Fix It
  • Barnstormer
  • The Right Questions


Catch Me If You Can
  • Invoke Clara loves a good car chase, and excels at hairpin turns.
  • Compel Sometimes it really is just a drive in the park, and doesn’t need tires squealing and rubber burning.
Death Defying
  • Invoke Clara can make the most dangerous stunts look easy, and walks away from the scariest looking crashes.
  • Compel She can make it look easy, but sometimes forgets how hard some of her actions really are.
Don’t Say That!
  • Invoke Often Clara finds that a plane will work great – until someone says they don’t trust it. Having faith and sweet talking help her experiments work.
  • Compel When someone starts talking bad about her plane, she starts to see the problems…which is fine when in the hanger, but no so great when several hundred feet up.
Fight for the Little Guy
  • Invoke Clara has learned how hard life can be for the underdog, and is willing to step in to fight against a bully.
  • Compel She can’t just walk away when she sees something wrong
It Works on Paper
  • Invoke
  • Compel
Now Would be a Good Time Clara
  • Invoke Sometimes while waiting to pick someone up, she thinks of an improvement, knowing she can have the plane back together before they arrive.
  • Compel She’s usually right about the timing…
One of the Guys
  • Invoke Clara has kept her tomboy persona, dodging skirts and hair rollers. She prefers to be in coveralls and laughing with her boys.
  • Compel When she puts on a skirt and heels she’s so uncomfortable – and it shows
Something to Prove
  • Invoke She’s grown up as the baby girl, so hates to ask for help when she knows she can do anything the boys can do.
  • Compel Sometime she bites off more than she can chew.
Tell Me All about It
  • Invoke Clara’s openness makes her friends quickly, and people will often share secrets at the slightest prod.
  • Compel Sometimes people latch on to her, telling endless stories about family pets and minor gossip. She’s too nice to brush them off, but sometimes has a hard time staying awake.
You’re Part of the Team
  • Invoke If Clara trusts you, she trusts you completely, inspiring others to strive towards the ideal she has of them.
  • Compel Sometimes she trusts those she shouldn’t.
Phase One (Background)
  • Born Peshtigo, Wisconsin to parents: Jacob and Bertha Cross, Siblings: Edward, Daniel, Lily, Dora, Joseph, Samuel, Albert.
  • While her two older sisters were happy to stay home with their mother, Clara was a tomboy and often out with her brothers playing or helping her father repair farm equipment at his business. While working, she began to realize that Miguel Palma, made most of his money by oppressing the local farmers. His businesses over charged for items the farmers needed, while his bank charged high interest rates for loans. He paid well under market value for all the lumber, milk and meat that were sold. When anyone spoke up, or defaulted on a load Palma’s men would harass, and attack them.
  • Clara and two of her brothers – Edward and Daniel – form a rebel team – The Sly Foxes – and often harries and delay Palma’s thugs to protect the dairy farmers and lumberjacks. She would often disable the cars or trucks of Palma’s men, leaving the men stranded and unable to hurt the farmers. One harrowing evening when the goons set fire to a family’s house, Clara and her brothers fought with the goons, and saved the family (Clara going back in to save the family dog). Mr. Palma eventually stopped ordering his men to violence, and some competitors were allowed to open businesses in town.

    Phase Two (The Great War and Entry into the Club)

  • Brothers all went off to fight in the war.
  • Clara hired as civilian at new military base as a mechanic in motor pool After she solved a problem with an experimental engine the boys had been struggling with for a month, she was drafted and moved to the top secret section, to work on new fighter planes. She again proved her worth when she began flying the planes – her small size and quick reflexes allowed the engineers more flexibility then some of the bigger – and older – pilots. Clara was soon flying most of the test missions, racking up a long list of milestones and medals to her name.
  • She was soon acknowledged as one of the best test pilots, and there was a steady stream of new pilots for her to train. Often has trouble on first day, as the cocky pilots don’t want to learn from a girl. One afternoon flying together usually brings them around, but occasionally a pilot will leave the program rather than train with her.
  • One of the senior staff at the base took notice of her, and introduced her to Samuel Morey, a noted inventor and, she later learned, a member of the Century Club.
  • When the war was over, Morey helped her start her own business, building planes and training future engineers She occasionally would be asked to fly new planes to the front, or meet with a convoy of ships crossing the Atlantic. One such trip she arrived at the meeting coordinates to find the convoy under attack. She proved the worth of her new plane by leading her wing to fight off the attackers, and saved the ships.
Phase Three (Your Novel)
  • Air Force realizes that new Italian planes are using advances created by Clara’s team. Us Department of War sent team to investigate, including Rex Tesla and Alex Petrenko Alex is a spy hunter and goes undercover in Clara’s team to infiltrate the traitors and to learn about their operation. Section X’s Rex Tesla created radio trackers to track the spies and listen to their nefarious schemes
  • Clara is upset to think she and her team are being accused, but works with the spy hunters As Clara works with the spy hunters, she is shocked to learn that Miguel Palma is not only a tyrant in her home town, but now a traitor against the country. Two men on her team are working for Palma – One turned for money; one turned because Palma threatened his family, his father was hit by a car while crossing the street in his home town
  • She works with the team to trick Palma in to passing some bad information to the Italians, and capture him red handed. In the end, when Palma tries to get away in his car, Alex stops him by picking up a gun and shooting out his tires. After which, he is eventually captured and tried for his crimes

Clara Cross

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