The Intrepids' Casefiles

Other Casefiles of the Intrepids

  • The Case of the Countered Coup – November 1932, the Intrepids come together for the first time, as they try to stop a cabal of businessmen from taking over the USA!

Not all of the Intrepids’ adventures have been catalogued and not all feature the entire group together. Here is a partial listing of past adventures of single members or some portion of the team.

Jack Incognito’s adventures:

  • The Jade Monkey Caper
  • The Christmas Star Caper
  • The Silbermann Fortepiano Caper
  • The Duke’s Coronet Caper

Rex Tesla’s adventures:

  • Rex Tesla vs. the League of Shadows!
  • Rex Tesla vs. the Giant Robot Menace!
  • Rex Tesla vs. the Invaders from Dimension Z!
  • Rex Tesla vs. the Olmec Stone Legion!
  • Rex Tesla vs. the Tibetan Yeti Mystery!

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The Intrepids' Casefiles

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