TeslaTap Morsecode Wristbands

Morse code tapping wristbands


Rex Tesla got called into the Century Club offices. There was a high-level CC official there, along with a teenage boy in janitor's coverall. It turns out that Rex’s latest experiment with the Temporal Vortex Manipulator got knocked into with a mop and bucket, and, as quoted by the teenaged janitor Tommy Carlinson,


"…something went ZZZAAAAPPP !!"


The TVM experiment arced with the mop water, and these things materialized.


They appear to be bracelets made of copper, with a strange antenna. But the important part is that the corporate logo on them is Tesla International. So now the Century Club has officially turned over possession of potentially transdimensional items to Rex Tesla, as they cannot be responsible for the presence and use of things of which they have no or little knowledge. 


The janitors have been instructed to avoid Rex's lab from now on.


The bracelets are effectively Morse code wireless transceivers which are powered by the body's magnetic field. So the wearers tap on the inside of the wrist and it's transmitted to the outer wrist of the addressed bracelet. Communication, but nothing that can be easily replicated without major research.


And I like the idea of someone getting a gentle SOS on the outside of their wrist when the person sending it is frantically punching their own inner wrist.


Tesla International is the enormous technology conglomerate run by Rex’s parents in his home dimension. While Rex has never seen these bracelets before, and he has never heard of the application involving wireless communication powered by the human body’s magnetic field, it is possible that it’s something that his father or grandfather developed, and then shelved. Or else it came from yet another dimension where these bracelets are common place as a personal communications device. We may never know.


Rex learned the concepts on how they work, but the actual mechanism is beyond his current abilities to duplicate. Rex would be able to repair one with minor damage, but major damage will render it useless. Luckily, they are almost entirely copper, which is very malleable and very durable. Maybe Rex will never need to duplicate them, if the Intrepids can use them without getting them stolen or broken.


Yeah, right.

TeslaTap Morsecode Wristbands

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