Ramlal Rama Rau

Molly Mercury's Personal Secretary/Chauffeur


Companion – Great Quality

(Skilled x2, Independent, Stunt x2, Attachment)


Great: Weapons
Good: Engineering Fists
Fair: Alertness Drive
Average: Athletics Stealth


  1. Martial Arts
  2. Flying Kick

A former Ghurka and master of the kukri, Rama (as he is known to the Intrepids) has been a fixture at Molly’s side since her early days. The exact nature of how the two met has yet to be related, but it’s clear that Rama owes Molly some sort of Life Debt (or at least he thinks so).

GurkhaA cheerful fellow, he is always the optimist, no matter how grim the situation.

While his English is very good (with only an occasional hint of an Irish lilt, “courtesy of Sister Mary Theresa Mary McCarthy who taught us the Queen’s Own English”), Rama does have a tendency to refer to himself in the third person (“Rama will do that at once, Madam.”) Whether this is an affectation or a lapse in his knowledge is unclear.

Ramlal Rama Rau

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