The Intrepids

The Case of the Silver Jaguar - Chap 2

Walking, talking and eating hot dogs...

Jack sends a street kid to the Century Club with a message for Alex – please come back to the American Art Association-Anderson Galleries.

Alvin the doorman at the Century Club tells Alex there are two messages: her office called to say there’s a client that will only speak to her, and a young lad dropped off a message from Jack who would like you to return to the gallery. Alex goes into the club and calls her office, where her secretary says a foreign gentleman called and wants to talk to her and will return later that afternoon. Alex tells her she’ll be back at some point, and heads back to the gallery.

Clara talks to Felix Erickson, the Century Club Counsel, and explains Monsieur Leschende’s situation, and that she feels he needs another attorney who won’t exploit his naivete. Erickson takes notes and goes off to make some calls. Mr. Erickson returns soon with the name of Jane M. Bolin. Clara calls to set up an appointment. When they meet in Bolin’s office on the edge of Harlem, Clara explains the situation, and Bolin agrees to meet with Leschende.

When Alex arrives back at the gallery, Jack points out the thugs, then he leaves to call Abe and asks why he thinks Jack was involved. Abe carefully explains that he heard that Jack had faked the whole thing. When Jack presses him he refuses to discuss details over the phone, but makes it clear that he assumed Jack was involved.

As Jack returns, Alex reports that the thugs have eaten a hot dog, and they split up soon after. Alex tails one of the men into the subway; he travels many stops and upon resurfacing, into the Happy Sunshine Bread Company warehouse. Alex climbs to the roof and watches through a skylight. The man she was following is meeting with several others. The men discuss the theft that night and pass out guns. Alex leaves the roof, though while climbing down the ladder she breaks a heel, nearly falling! She takes the subway back to the car, and then heads to her office.

When Alex arrives Frannie tells her there is a ‘Senor Rojas’ waiting in her office (where he has been for almost an hour). Alex takes off her shoes and walks into her office. She sees a fastidious gentleman with a walking stick, gloves, and his cigarette in a holder. After making a quip about her tardiness, he explains that he is planning to bid on the Jaguar and wants her help to make sure it does come up for auction, and doesn’t get stolen before that can happen. While he is aware the Pinkertons have been retained by the Auction House, he says he does not trust them, “They are all brawn, no brains, no subtlety. They are therefore susceptible to surprise, cunning, and clever plans. I want someone with style… someone who can get inside the minds of those who would steal it away before I can bid on it. I believe you are the person I need, Senorita.”

Alex happily agrees, and asks where he heard that the object was in danger. Rojas makes some vague remarks about hearing things in his circle, amongst “collectors.”

Meanwhile, while Vinnie is eating a hot dog, Jack sneaks up and says “Do you know what they put in those things?” Vinnie drops his hot dog as he jumps in surprise. Jack continues, “So, you must have heard I’m looking to hire some guys.”

Jack fakes him out and convinces him that Jack hired the team to steal the jaguar. They talk and Vinnie says the woman who hired him is Mrs. Mustast (sounds like Vinnie is saying “mustache.”) Finally Vinnie, thoroughly confused, gives up and wanders off.

While he waits for Alex to come back, Jack calls Molly to ask if she knew what the name sounded like to her. She says it sounds Slavic, but would need to check.



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